Video Production Company

We create breathtaking and unexpected branded video content and concepts with strong messages that rock your socks off.

Through exceptionally creative art directed sets, portraying real and imaginary scenarios, we produce videos never seen before. With color, humor, eye-catching stories and magic we elevate brands and make them irresistible.

Our production approach

Productions calls for meticulous planning in order for the production to go smooth and as expected. But at the same time the level of quality of ideas and design need to stay world class. We excel at both and build everything on branding and real emotions.

Looking for a story that cuts to the heart? Then you have finally found your video production agency and we are your future romance.

Steps and framework

  1. Research
  2. Scriptwriting & storyboards
  3. Creation & development
  4. Planning
  5. Production
  6. Implementation

Video production services

Our exceptional talented video agency’s team has the skills and equipment to render full-service video production. We offer services across all phases of the project.

Video marketing strategy

To achieve a successful video marketing campaign we always start with research to better understand your audience. Who are they? What kind of video content resonates with them? With a clear set of goals we develop a well-defined video marketing strategy stuffed with messages, creative ideas and strong stories. We also help you to choose the best video formats and types for your marketing channels.

Script writing and editing

Video script is the backbone of video storytelling. The script contains the plans, action and dialogue for your video. Based on your video marketing strategy our script writing expert helps to tell your brand’s story in a simple and unique way. When your script is ready for reviewing our editing team will fully align the script so it connects with your audience.


A storyboard communicates our vision for the video and visually presents how your story will play out, scene by scene. It is a series of drawings, sketching out how the video will unfold. The storyboard gives our production team and you as a customer a visual guide throughout the production process.

Video editing

Video editing is the key to making your audience emotionally connected to your video content. Our editors blend sound, images, special effects and graphics so you can truly stand out in a unique and entertaining way.

3D and 2D graphics

Animated 3D and 2D graphics is a perfect attention grabber, allowing the audience to absorb your messages in a more interesting and relatable way. Our creative masterminds at Snask bring extra value to your brand and change the way you deliver your messages. We develop animated 3D and 2D graphics ranging from educational to commercial purposes.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics animation is one of the most powerful tools for content and commercials. Motion graphic design is the mastery of setting abstract objects, text and other graphic elements in motion. We develop entertaining motion graphics to visually illustrate complex ideas across various marketing platforms.

Custom designed graphics & illustrations

Our fully-stacked design team creates original and unique designed graphics & illustrations for your business, education or marketing. Custom made to grab the attention of your target audience to convey your message.

Color correction

Working with the latest tools enables us to use the right colors at the right time to set the tone of voice altering the desired mood of the viewer. Our color correction and color grading skills will take your video content to the next level.

Voice Overs

We hire professional voice actors in the language of your choice. Hand-picked to fit your explainer videos, e-learning, commercials, and more.

Video distribution

To fully utilize the completed project and get the desired result we’ll help you pick the best video distribution platforms. Ensuring your content is on the platforms, channels and devices used by your target group.

Our deliverables

  • Commercials & Short Promos
  • Advertisements & campaigns
  • Music videos
  • How-to videos
  • Product videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Interview videos
  • Company overview/“About” videos

Related services

With a meticulously created brand strategy we build irresistible brands, imposing that positive feeling that no one can copy.

We craft striking branded content that speaks from the heart of your brand in a new creative way.

We create communication strategies and breathtaking content concepts to clients and other agencies around the world

Examples of Video Production

What people are saying about us

SNASK – a part of its own world which one sometimes have the honor to take part of.

Mai-Li Hammargren, founder of Mutewatch

The guys from SNASK have it all: Humor, talent, their own gold book, a pink bike, and the ability to drink me under the table. These are all incredibly rare things. They make me jealous.

Jessica Walsh, Partner at Sagmeister&Walsh

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