Stop Motion Agency

At SNASK stop motion agency we direct and produce amazing and mouth watering stop motion videos, from brand stories to tactical campaigns.

Why you need stop motion

Our crafted work does a great job selling or explaining services or concepts that are hard to visualize. Stop Motion is the perfect format if you are looking for high engagement and want your communication to be sticky.

Beneficial areas for Stop Motion

  • Commercials
  • Education
  • Motivations
  • Explanation
  • Music Videos

Our approach

A true art that is often underrated. Imperfection is the rule here since a too perfect stop motion only will look like a sloppy digital animation. We have honed our skills in stop motion for many many years and believe us when we say that we love it, we’re great at it and we’ll make you laugh and cry in the end.

Steps and framework

  1. Research
  2. Scriptwriting & storyboards
  3. Creation & development
  4. Planning
  5. Production
  6. Implementation

Stop motion services

We produce stop motion masterpieces that bring magic to the screen. Snask stop motion agency provides end-to-end stop motion services.

Original Concept Creation

Our creative writers and editors produce entertaining original concepts according to your requirements and goals. In collaboration with our clients we develop unparalleled stories and characters.

Character Design

Snask team of character creation artists create the characters composed of a mixture of concept designs, technology and creative materials. We put a lot of effort into developing elements like the dynamics of the characters, expressions and customing.

Storyboarding and Scripting

Storyboarding breaks the story into a visual presentation of how the story will play out, scene by scene. A storyboard gives you as a customer a better understanding of the story and guides our production team throughout the production process.

The script contains the screenplay and dialogue for your stop motion video. Our script writing expert helps to tell your brand’s story in a simple and unique way.

Set and Stage Designing

Equipped with a variety of materials, our concept technical teams design the sets and manage the setup, backgrounds, lighting, costumes, dressing, and other essential parts of the set and stage.

Voiceover and Background Music

Voiceover plays on important role in adding emotions and affects to stop motion animations. In our global network of talented multilingual professional actors we hire voiceover artists to set the right tone of your stop motion video. To make the stop motion animation more interesting we add suitable background music that matches the concept.

Audio Editing and Animation

Snask utilizes state of the art licensed animation and audio editing tools and equipment. With a wide range of controls and effects our editing and animation team won’t stop til they reach the point of perfection.

VFX and Compositing Services

Equipped with the latest tools we add visual effects (VFX) to your stop motion video. VFX allows us to computer-generate imagery to create environments, objects and characters that’s hard or impossible to film. By using composting techniques we can merge film sequences to add environments, special effects, stage extensions, and more.

Related services

We create jaw-dropping video productions for our own clients as well as other agencies around the world.

We create striking branded content that speaks from the heart of your brand in a new creative way.

What people are saying about us

SNASK is your wet kiss on a Friday night; the one who follows you to the door; the second date – the one you marry in the end.

You Say France & I Whistle, Swedish rock band

SNASK is your wet kiss on a Friday night; the one who follows you to the door; the second date – the one you marry in the end.

You Say France & I Whistle, Swedish rock band

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