Rebranding Agency

At SNASK rebranding agency we are repositioning and building irresistible brands, imposing that positive feeling that no one can copy.

Why you need to rebrand

There are numerous reasons as to why you might want a rebrand. Any rebranding strategy should start with a thorough understanding of your reasons behind the rebranding. Is your brand no longer reflecting who you are? Are you competing in a new market? Are you targeting a new audience? Do you need to simplify and focus your message?

The ultimate dreamstate for a business is to create a brand that stands out from its competitors, a brand that is perceived as unique and valuable. This is achieved by a combination of consistent activities involving the entire organization. And of course some magic from SNASK.

Our approach

Every rebrand starts with a clear and honest look at the current brand. If we are to create real change, we need to find those spots on the backside of the sun. We don’t do this just to poke out what’s not working today, but to project us to where the brand should be from tomorrow and onwards.

Most businesses will go through an exercise of rebranding at least once in their lifetime and we can help you outline the way to reposition your brand and give it the glow that can’t be imitated.

Rebranding services

  • Tailored strategy
  • Brand Audit
  • Marketplace research
  • Competitor research
  • Brand Identity redesign
  • Website redesign
  • Brand Assets

Our deliverables

  • Brand Platform
  • Brand Voice Guidelines
  • Brand Visual Identity Guidelines
  • Brand Asssets

Related services

With a meticulously created brand strategy we build irresistible brands, imposing that positive feeling that no one can copy.

With graphic design we craft striking designs that bring glow to your brand and impose that positive feeling that no one can copy.

We design visual identities beyond reach in beautiful logos, colors, shapes and patterns that communicate the brand’s essence.

We create breathtaking branded content concepts to clients and other agencies around the globe.

What people are saying about us

SNASK seems to be characterized by a willingness to challenge ingrained beliefs of what rules really count, whether it is about design, corporate culture or just good taste.

Per Nyström, journalist and rockstar in The Concretes

Snazzy sweaters, crazy haircuts and inspiring creatives. SNASK knows how to find the fun in the mundane.

Irene Pereyra, director at Fantasy Interactive

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