Graphic Design Agency

At SNASK graphic design agency we create mouth watering designs that will outbrand your competitors.

Why you need graphic design

We all know that a good first impression is crucial in establishing relationships, well the same can be said for brands and their relationships to clients. Just like a great Eye-catching outfit can help you gain attention on the dance floor, well-crafted graphic design can lift your chances to reach and affect a consumer.

Our  approach

Bold, striking and absolutely not perfect. That’s what we aim for. Like a very attractive person we need the personality to shine through and make the imperfections to show as charming and unique. This doesn’t mean the design will look crazy, it just means it will look as it was always meant to, minimalistic or bombastic.

Graphic design services

  • Logo design
  • Website ui & ux design
  • Mobile app design
  • Social media design
  • Podcast design
  • E-book design
  • Publishing design
  • Presentation design
  • Infographic design

Related services

We design brand visual identities beyond reach in beautiful logos, colors, shapes and patterns that communicate the brand’s essence.

With a meticulously created brand strategy we build irresistible brands, imposing that positive feeling that no one can copy.

What people are saying about us

There is a saying in America (and maybe in other places) that goes, “When everyone else zigs, you zag”. I propose updating it to “When everyone else zigs, and others zag, you SNASK.” Because that’s exactly what SNASK does: what everyone else ISN’T doing. They put typefaces, colors, and materials that don’t go together in a way that’s surprising, fresh, and energetic.

Armin Vit, Founder of Underconsideration & Brand New

SNASK is like Disneyland for graphic designers.

Noura Andrea Nassar, Student.

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For filth, candy or gossip call +46-(0)76 173 01 00 or e-mail You can visit us at Skånegatan 61 in Stockholm, Sweden. Walk until you see the pink bar.