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With an effective communication strategy we create quality content that speaks from the core of your brand.

Why you need a communication strategy

Do you want people to adore your brand and have a strong connection with your customers? Do you find yourself in situations where your marketing doesn’t have the desired effect? Well, remember, in order to even be an option you need to have an attractive brand. Once you have this, we can help you pop the question for a first date as smooth as possible.

To create an effective communication strategy it is important to have self-scrutiny. At SNASK we base everything on branding. If marketing is asking someone out on a date, branding is the reason they say yes. From an attractive brand we can design a communication strategy and plan that will reach your customers hearts and minds.
And speaking about dates, we love to spend time with our clients to better understand their business and needs. So let’s book our first date, we’ll bring champagne, a handwritten poem and a charming smile.

Our approach

A human sends a message that will be received by another human. That’s what communication is all about. Brands should have personality and brands should communicate in an engaging and interesting way. This calls for strategy work in order for the end result not to become boring and too generic.

Steps and framework

  1. Audience & target group research
  2. Brand audit
  3. Messaging
  4. Brand visual world
  5. Launch
  6. Training & implementation

Communication strategy services

We explore different possible communication routes based on strategy and design input and overall ideas (creative directions) to your overall expression, brand story and visual world. Defining the idea and concept is crucial, as it lays the foundation upon which you will base your decisions and produce all communication material from.

Audience research

The purpose of an audience research is to get a better understanding of your audience and how to cater their needs. Regardless of whether your target audience is your customers, partners, shareholders, suppliers or employees, audience research is the key to developing an effective and successful communication strategy.

An audience research should help to:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Understand their needs and motivation
  • How they think and behave
  • What experiences they seek
  • How they consume information
  • What and who influence them
  • Analyzing what the next step is

And of course much more depending on your needs and goals.

Stakeholder mapping

Stakeholder mapping analysis makes sure you get acknowledgement from your key players. You will get a visual representation of all your stakeholders who influence your brand and how they are connected.

Some examples of what we map:
  • Identifying stakeholders impacting your business
  • Investigating stakeholders priorities and motivations
  • Plan the next step based on this analysis.

Messaging development

Messaging is founded in your communication strategy and ushering all marketing initiatives towards your companies overarching goals. We identify and craft key messages connected to your company’s core values, value proposition and points of difference. Massaging that essentially captures the essence of what you want to communicate, the value you provide to your target audience, leading to genuine relationships.

Communication plans

In a communication plan your communication strategy will be nailed down in a written document. All the external and internal actions are planned in detail and defined with a goal, channel, messages and budget. This framework will be the guiding star and setting the course of all actions for the whole organization.

Content concepts

After aligning on a conceptual way forward we further develop content concepts and move into development. we’ll create a story and script for a concept and look into your different touch points for communication to create a 360 concept. We build your visual world with Art direction and assets – look into humor, visual expressions etc. Application sketches will be developed for relevant touch points (for example SoMe, Youtube and print) in various formats.

Campaign development

Emotions drive decisions and if we want people to do something they need to feel something. To do so, our talented team is focusing on creating inspiring marketing and communication campaigns making people want to participate in and share with others.

Our key steps in creating a successful campaign:

  1. Defining you objectives
  2. Audience research
  3. Messaging development
  4. Write a communication plan
  5. Develop content concepts
  6. Campaign implementation
  7. Measuring and analyzing the result

Communication training

We bring our experts and come to your offices to present your new brand, how it walks and how it talks. After the presentation and after making sure we’re all aligned and have understood and interpreted in the same way, we start training your team in how to write and communicate in the right tone of voice as well as with the correct messaging. We show do’s and don’ts as well as going through texts together to show what can change, why and how.

Our deliverables

  • Playbook
  • Assets

Related services

With a meticulously created brand strategy we build irresistible brands, imposing that positive feeling that no one can copy.

We create jaw-dropping branded content that speaks from the heart of your brand in a new creative way.

We create kick-ass video productions for our own clients as well as other agencies around the world.

What people are saying about us

Only few agencies bring more than simple advertising to the table. SNASK is one of them, with their distinct style, vivid ideas and first and foremost: Creative approach to communication. They are probably our biggest competitor in Scandinavia.

Daniel Gjøde, Founding partner, Stupid Studio

SNASK has an outstanding creative drive in every project they run. We truly enjoy working with them and being a part of their positive energy – ALLE ACHTUNG!

Stefan Pluschkat, Head of communications, Goethe Institut Sweden

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