Brand Visual Identity Agency

Does your Brand need a facelift? At SNASK brand visual identity agency we create mouth watering visual identity and designs that will outbrand your competitors.

Why you need brand visual identity

Customers make up their mind about your brand faster than you can say “huh?”, sometimes solely based on your visual identity. If it looks bad there’s a good chance your brand will be rejected, pretty logical right?

We design visual identities beyond reach in beautiful logos, colors, shapes and patterns that communicate the brand’s essence. At SNASK we are dedicated to details and our strong belief in only producing world class design brings us together to what will truly differentiate your brand. With hard work and some magic we will give your brand the extra spark that will boost brand recognition, engagement and trust.

Our approach

The visual identity is a translation of the brand platform and voice. Basically the outfit of your brand’s personality.

We make you stand out from your competitors like Mick Jagger’s ass in the 60’s. Sharp, bold and amazing.

Brand visual identity services

  • Design discovery
  • Visual strategy development
  • Brand style guide
  • Logo creation
  • Logo rationale
  • Typeface specification
  • Color palette development
  • Contextual mock-ups

Our deliverables

  • Brand Identity Guidelines
  • Brand Assets

Related services

With a meticulously created brand strategy we build irresistible brands, imposing that positive feeling that no one can copy.

With graphic design we craft striking designs that bring glow to your brand and impose that positive feeling that no one can copy.

What people are saying about us

Besides that sense of playful quirkiness, confident use of bold, chunky typography and bright vibrant colour also helps to define the SNASK style.

Nick Carson – chief editor, Computer Arts

I’ve got a long list of things I hate. Overly-manicured cute food photos, dry branding speak, photos of coffee, stretched type, purple things and cats. And then there’s SNASK. When I’m at my very lowest, just oozing hate, one glance at these Swedish meatballs and the world is suddenly colorful again. Creativity, humor, lethal design chops and not an ounce of fear. A beautiful reminder you can make your world whatever you want. SNASK now. SNASK forever.

Aaron Draplin, design guru

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