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We are building irresistible brands, imposing that positive feeling that no one can copy. Would you like to skyrocket your brand to outbrand your competitors?

Why you need a brand strategy

Emotions guide our decisions and act as SNASK’s foundation for making brands attractive and simply irresistible. Creating a brand that speaks to the heart and evokes emotions will inevitably make customers pick your brand, and guess what, you will be a nightmare to compete against.

At SNASK we build successful brand strategies on a platform built from ambition, change and differentiation. We make your brand unique and give it that voice it was always meant to have.

Rebranding strategy

Are you thinking of rebranding? Is your brand no longer reflecting who you are? Are you competing in a new market? Are you targeting a new audience? Do you need to simplify and focus your message? For whatever reason, we can help you rebrand and reposition your brand.

Our brand strategy approach

We always start with a date and we love to spend as much time as possible to get to know each other. Then we start to immerse ourselves in your brand and learn what makes you tick, your values and your products and services. Based on research, insights and a clear understanding of your past and current situation as well as your brand aspiration, we will develop a kick-ass brand strategy and brand proposition.

Steps and framework

  1. Brand & audience research
  2. Market & competitor research
  3. Internal interviews & workshops
  4. Creation & development
  5. Implementation
  6. Measurement & evaluation

Brand strategy services

We tailor a unique brand strategy, looking at the whole picture – what’s your brand today? where do you want it to be? But most importantly, what should your brand be? All these questions we’ll find answers to and find a direction for your brand for many years to come. We also dig deep to go beyond company and product/service in order to find your big why.

Brand positioning

We start by scrutinizing your brand’s and your competitors’ current position. Our objective opinion brings focus and clarity, helping you to understand and reconstruct your brand‘s positioning. It could lead to a full-scale rebrand or just some strategic tweaks.

When we analyze and spot what’s unique about your brand we develop a brand positioning statement outlining your new approach.

Your new insights can be used to form new strategies for marketing, communication and design. We make you stand out from the competition in a way that you can own internally.

Brand architecture

The goal of developing a brand architecture is to provide structure and hierarchy, by organizing your portfolio of brands, products and services. This will send a clear and consistent brand message to your customers, making it easier to recognize and understand your communications.

Brand platform

We explore and develop the essence of your brand using the brand model – why, how, what, who. Questions like why you exist, what you’re aiming for, how you’ll get there and who you are talking to are important key questions. Definition of your brand personality and brand values as well as a short brand summation (internal short manifesto) will be explored and developed. Added promise, brand truth, all according to brief. In short, we make sure you’re not just a good looking shell but an interesting personality with depth and values.

Brand story

we’ll develop a brand story that establishes your purpose, core values and mission. A story that offers an experience beyond your products or services, exceeding everyday reality, that motivates your audience to step into that experience.
When you own the story of your own brand you don’t leave it to the customer to come up with it themselves based on their experiences and what they heard from others. We’ll snaskify you!


Based on a brand workshop, we analyze and write name proposals that fit the brand and the target group. We explore different name paths and stories, overall challenges and competitive landscape. Your name should be easy to spell and easy to remember, preferably as short as possible. We also check domains as well as trademarked names.

Our deliverables

  • Brand Platform
  • Brand Voice Guidelines
  • Brand Messages

Related services

With graphic design we craft striking designs that bring glow to your brand and impose that positive feeling that no one can copy.

We design visual identities beyond reach in beautiful logos, colors, shapes and patterns that communicate the brand’s essence.

We create breathtaking branded content concepts to clients and other agencies around the globe.

What people are saying about us

I view SNASK as championing individualism. Brand protectors beating off the armies of the bland and innocuous. Forging weapons of creativity and innovation. Fearless in the crusade for brilliance and progress. Leonardo DaVinci and Mike Tyson all in one place. SNASK. Picking up the creative gauntlet for clients with balls!

John Watters, Leeds University

To spend time with SNASK is a privilege. With infectious energy, enthusiasm and a lot of laughter, one is dragged off on new, fresh trails. As a scientist, I am fascinated how they manage to combine creative integrity with commercial value.

Emma Stenström, associate professor and assistant principal at the Stockholm School of Economics and guest professor at the Konstfack College of Arts

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