Breda Holland here we come to sing and dance!

Yes! In the south of Holland lies the beautiful(well, at least we’ll know for sure in a bit) city of Breda. Something great is that we are bringing a whole lump of Snask down in mid Europe. Faces will be seen of people such as Erik ”Bunnyman” Kockum, Jens ”Dancemaid” Nilsson, Magdalena ”Chiuaua” Czarnecki and last but not least the mighty Richard ”Little filthy richie” Gray. There’s definitely a twist of doubt when it comes to entertainment in Breda but from what we’ve heard it will actually be kind of crazy. Not crazy as in the darker, lower parts of Berghein but rather dancy. If you are attending the festival don’t forget to attend our lecture on Friday. We will be the filmscene in Casablanca when Humphrey says ”I wouldn’t bring up Paris if I were you, it’s poor salesmanship.”. See you soon!