They are geniuses. They are extremely well dressed(most of the time). They laugh at all our jokes, good or bad. But first and foremost they do the best films the world have seen.

Hello Thom Yorke!

This is the best student project we’ve seen in a very long time. Conceptual, beautiful and smashing. See it, spread it and make it happen! All cred to Magdalena Piehl!

New Website – like it?

Yes! Finally it is here. Our spanking new website. It’s fresh right! Straight from the crib. Ship–shape and Bristol fashion! If you find any problems or faults tell us. We will first deny it, then ignore it and then fast take it back and love you for it.

⚆⚆ SNASK lecture on Creative Mornings!

SNASK made a special lecture for the fantastic Creative Mornings. We brought a drumplaying bunny who played Changes with 2Pac. See it, hate it, rate it!

SNASK Studio Visit

SNASK got a visit by the brilliant people at 40fakes.
Read the interview here: SNASK Studio Visit!

We just got over the dreadful late January weeks we are now happy as ever and got too much to do. We are currently waiting for.. spring? No, that is so fucking shitty. We have to learn to live in this cold and dark place. Its like a pre-arranged marriage. We don’t really like one another but we have to learn how to live with eachother. A sad relationship which ends in us cheating the swedish winter for some weeks in bali or thailand. Well, we are waiting to spend time here. We are going to spend some time and while doing it we will be waiting. I guess waiting is to spend time. Ok enough is enough. See you soon. Come by and visit us. We need you to!

Posing with cool cam!

Today we got to play with a Red camera. Richard was so eager to pose with it so after setting it up he forced Magnus to pretend to like him a bit too much. Here is the result. Also, Oskar is filming nothing in the picture. We are just posing to seem cool, young and down with the latest tech! It might though seem like we are a bit russain posing with expensive stuff.. well well.. go RUSSIA!

Folkoperan nominated at Roygalan!

YES OH YES! The film for the love theme at the Folkoperan made by SNASK FILM was nominated in the category Best Animation 2011. For some strange reason only 2 films were nominated, odd number. We hope no one finds out that we sold our souls to the devil to get the numbers down. Check it out here: