Hello Thom Yorke!

This is the best student project we’ve seen in a very long time. Conceptual, beautiful and smashing. See it, spread it and make it happen! All cred to Magdalena Piehl! http://hellothomyorke.com/

New logotype & identity for Mobiento!

We remade the visual identity for Swedens largest mobile agency Mobiento. It’s been a pleasure and the result is very green. We refuse to showcase it however until their neon-logotype has arrived! Check out their new website in your phone: www.mobiento.com

☀ New romance: SABO

– the Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies – is the organisation of the municipality owned public housing companies in Sweden. The approximately 300 companies affiliated manage some 729 000 dwelling units. This is 20 percent of the total housing stock in Sweden and about one third of all dwelling units in multi-storey houses. Altogether 1,4 milion people live in SABO homes. A week ago, they feel in love with SNASK. We are their new Brand, Design & Communication agency. Hooray!

SABO have asked us to help them change 1 000 000 million people´s relationship
to energy. Energy consumption must drop. Reaching global goals requires action,
now! At SNASK, we are happy and thrilled to help create change. Sweden need to
be a role model to the rest of the world. We need to be it today.
Action satisfaction Sweden!