Mexico in our hearts!

So we went to Mexico. It was precisely as mad as we thought but in a different way. We didn’t know what hit us when we went off the stage. Girls, boys, women and men were queuing up to take photos with us. It was as if we were the Rolling Stones and ran out naked in the audience after a concert. You feel fucking fantastic after such a thing. We learned that the good Tequilas don’t have a red plastic sombrero hat as a cork. We also learned that mexicans aren’t dangerous, quite the opposite. Extremely lovely.

We asked the mexican audience one simple question: Wanna do it the Snask way?
This was the reply:

Spankin’ new pink & gold business cards!

So we have new business cards. That’s all!

✈ Mexico – here we go!

SNASK just got booked to lecture and hold workshops at Design-fest in Guadalajara Mexico. This madness will go down on the 18th of October. Hopefully we will meet you there in the sun hiding behind you jet set sunshades with a fresh Margarita in your hand. Most probably we won’t. But it would be a dream.

Now, if you are mexican, come by! We want to hang with you guys!

SNASK Studio Visit

SNASK got a visit by the brilliant people at 40fakes.
Read the interview here: SNASK Studio Visit!

We just got over the dreadful late January weeks we are now happy as ever and got too much to do. We are currently waiting for.. spring? No, that is so fucking shitty. We have to learn to live in this cold and dark place. Its like a pre-arranged marriage. We don’t really like one another but we have to learn how to live with eachother. A sad relationship which ends in us cheating the swedish winter for some weeks in bali or thailand. Well, we are waiting to spend time here. We are going to spend some time and while doing it we will be waiting. I guess waiting is to spend time. Ok enough is enough. See you soon. Come by and visit us. We need you to!

SNASK in China

SNASK can now announce that we are doing business as usual in China Shanghai. So if you want to book a meeting just say so and we’ll make it happend! Regarding our stay we loved it. We managed to trick Magnus into cutting his hair at a girl saloon. He didn’t say anything or point at any picture. Just headed in, sat down and got his hair cut. It was fabulous. We went all in on this trip and realized it was a bit harder than we would think in the beginning. However China is the new land of opportunities and we are now a part of it.

Posing with cool cam!

Today we got to play with a Red camera. Richard was so eager to pose with it so after setting it up he forced Magnus to pretend to like him a bit too much. Here is the result. Also, Oskar is filming nothing in the picture. We are just posing to seem cool, young and down with the latest tech! It might though seem like we are a bit russain posing with expensive stuff.. well well.. go RUSSIA!