They are geniuses. They are extremely well dressed(most of the time). They laugh at all our jokes, good or bad. But first and foremost they do the best films the world have seen.

SNASK FILM made the Julia Hoffmann teaser!

Creative Mornings Stockholm brought Julia Hoffmann, creative director of MoMA NYC to Stockholm. SNASK FILM made the teaser which became a very precise preparation of a breakfast by a creative person who fucks it all up in the end!

⚆⚆ SNASK lecture on Creative Mornings!

SNASK made a special lecture for the fantastic Creative Mornings. We brought a drumplaying bunny who played Changes with 2Pac. See it, hate it, rate it!

Folkoperan nominated at Roygalan!

YES OH YES! The film for the love theme at the Folkoperan made by SNASK FILM was nominated in the category Best Animation 2011. For some strange reason only 2 films were nominated, odd number. We hope no one finds out that we sold our souls to the devil to get the numbers down. Check it out here:



Sorry for being so absent. We are not trying to end our relationship. We promise you we won’t let our love fizzle out. It’s been a long and nice summer full of surprises and pleasures. We are now back since a month back and has just released SNASK FILM Showreel 2011. Check it out here and don’t forget to be nice! Nice means you click in HD and view it in fullscreen with headphones. See you soon!