The City tunnel

”Snask first sentence to us, ‘we are not in love but hopelessly enamoured’, are typical for my view on Snask. That view also goes for delivery of quality, uniquely captured trends and characterful team work”
2012, Nina Hansson, Communication Manager, City of Malmö

The railway system in the Öresund region was old and not made for the heavy demands of a modern commuting traffic. So the region built a 17 km long tunnel to make it easy to travel through Malmö as well as to Copenhagen. After 5 years it finally opened with a big ceremony. The city of Malmö wanted to communicate their long-term vision for the citizens and change people’s commuting behavior.

It was vital to find out what really changes people’s commuting behaviour. Snask quickly realised that instead of using pointers and play on bad conscience one would simply have to encourage commuters to try to walk, ride the bike or ride the public transportation and by doing so fulfilling the essence, making Malmö happier. 220 000 brochures were sent out targeting the partners and children of the people which behaviour needed to change. The brochure encouraged people to encourage their dad, mum or partner to try to walk, bike or ride the public transport for at least a week. The person would then get a reward in form of a present, hug or dinner. The brochure was followed up by advertisements in the papers as well as on the public transportation. An event was created where everyone could get a warm hug from a furry heart as a thanks for riding the public transportation. There was also a stop motion film which was spread through social media.

The campaign was very successful with 70% of people who got the brochure said it was successful. 71% thought it was a unique, interesting and different campaign which was highly relevant and made them think better of the city of Malmö. As many as 22% claimed they got affected to use their car less.

Stop motion

To the left is a stop motion, that took 3 weeks to piece together. The film was used to launch the project and it spread online through social media.



Swedish Handicraft Soc.

Identity for Sweden's assocation for brilliant people working with their hands!

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Attention: Craft

Identity for the summer craft exhibition of one of Sweden’s most respected galleries Liljevalchs Konsthall.

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Printing Friends No.7 – Resa

The new Printing Friends is a magazine where talents and creatives meet and are inspiring on a topic: travel.

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PangPang Brewery

Identity and packaging of a summer beer series for Sweden’s number one micro brewery.

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SSU Identity

Re-brand of Sweden’s Social Democratic Youth League also knowns as SSU.

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Malmö Festival 2014

We made the biggest poster/art installation the world has ever seen for the 30th anniversary.

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Dans ♥ Stockholm

Contemporary Dance Festival. A stage starring the most prominent choreographers of sweden was built.

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Printing Friends

Re-make of customer magazine Printing Friends. From waste-bin product to useful and vibrant B2B-tool.

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Colourful dentity for the mexican restaurant Calexico's in the heart of Södermalm in Stockholm.

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Malmö Festival 2013

Paper theme for the 2013 identity of Malmö Festival. Hand-made, tangible and very very colourful!

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Yay Festival

Identity and branding for Yay Festival; bringing people inspiring talks, live music and great clubbing.

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SABO public housing

Identity and branding for energy saving campaign for Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies.

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Liljevalchs Exhibition

Identity and visual communication for the Handicraft exhibition at Liljevalchs Art Gallery.

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Meatpackaging District

Stockholm city decided to document the meat packaging districts history through creating an elegant book.

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Vadestra Strategy

Strategic management consultancy Vadestra needed our help packaging their amazing case study.

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Swedish Handicraft

Design and brand identity created by hand, by members of the National Association of Swedish Handicraft.

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Malmö Festival

Scandinavia's largest city festival got a new brand and tonality platform as well as a visual identity.

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Mobiento Mobile Agency

Total rebrand of visual identity and tonality of one of Scandinavia's leading mobile agencies.

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