Printing Friends

”SNASK turned our dated and corporate customer magazine into a shamefully good looking magazine full of interesting articles and graphic porn”
Peter Hjelm, CEO DanagårdLiTHO

In 2010, Danagård and LiTHO merged to create DanagårdLiTHO, an exciting Swedish printing company with over 100 employees. Directly after merging, they realised that their #1 customer touch point, the journal Printing Friends, was uninspiring and totally lacked design; a shameful insight, coming from a printing company. To bring about change, Snask was asked to conceive a total re-make and to develop the product to sync with brand goals and vision.snask.com_PF_24_ny

In the beginning of the process Snask realised that DanagårdLiTHO needed to do more than just polishing the graphic style of the magazine. Snask developed a strategy around inspiring art directors and graphic designers by making a customer magazine that looked better than their own agencies printed matter. If art directors and graphic designers got inspired it would surely inspire everyone else with less of an eye for print design. When putting the magazine together, Snask is in charge of the whole she-bang: conceptualisation, content, design, illustration, journalism and photography.

DanagårdLiTHO now have brand new communication and marketing material. First two issues came out during 2011, turning Printing Friends from a waste-bin product to a useful and vibrant B2B-tool for DanagårdLiTHO when marketing its products and services.











Issue No.6 – Old Is The New New
This is the 6th issue of Printing Friends and the theme was based around old and traditional printing techniques, handwriting and book binding – reflecting the history of DanagårdLiTHO.
The magazine was printed on matte grey paper and had a colourful foil stamped dust jacket.


snask.com_PF_17_nysnask.com_PF_18_ny snask.com_PF_20_nysnask.com_PF_21_nysnask.com_PF_22_ny


Issue No.5 – Tomorrow Now
What is the future of printing? We investigated the real trends of tomorrow and explored how 3D has gone from digital to analog. The cover included a fold, copper foil block and marbled patterns.




Issue No.2 & 3 – More Is More
As a juxtaposition to the issue 'Less is More', 
the second and third issue was themed "More is more" and like a colourful explosion, we added every color, effect, paper, foil and more we could think of. The content was based around daring to be bold and to stand out. The second issue used variable printing and the cover of the third issue used more than 13 colors, 3 different printing techniques and rainbow-like flourescent foil block.




Issue No.1 – White Is The New Black
This is the first issue of Printing Friends and it´s printed white on coloured paper. The printer had a print press that could print white on any paper digitally. This could only be done with screen print before. We of course had to try it out and made the entire first issue in pink.



Swedish Handicraft Soc.

Identity for Sweden's assocation for brilliant people working with their hands!

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Attention: Craft

Identity for the summer craft exhibition of one of Sweden’s most respected galleries Liljevalchs Konsthall.

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Printing Friends No.7 – Resa

The new Printing Friends is a magazine where talents and creatives meet and are inspiring on a topic: travel.

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PangPang Brewery

Identity and packaging of a summer beer series for Sweden’s number one micro brewery.

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SSU Identity

Re-brand of Sweden’s Social Democratic Youth League also knowns as SSU.

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Malmö Festival 2014

We made the biggest poster/art installation the world has ever seen for the 30th anniversary.

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Dans ♥ Stockholm

Contemporary Dance Festival. A stage starring the most prominent choreographers of sweden was built.

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Printing Friends

Re-make of customer magazine Printing Friends. From waste-bin product to useful and vibrant B2B-tool.

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Colourful dentity for the mexican restaurant Calexico's in the heart of Södermalm in Stockholm.

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Malmö Festival 2013

Paper theme for the 2013 identity of Malmö Festival. Hand-made, tangible and very very colourful!

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Yay Festival

Identity and branding for Yay Festival; bringing people inspiring talks, live music and great clubbing.

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SABO public housing

Identity and branding for energy saving campaign for Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies.

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Liljevalchs Exhibition

Identity and visual communication for the Handicraft exhibition at Liljevalchs Art Gallery.

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Meatpackaging District

Stockholm city decided to document the meat packaging districts history through creating an elegant book.

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Vadestra Strategy

Strategic management consultancy Vadestra needed our help packaging their amazing case study.

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Swedish Handicraft

Design and brand identity created by hand, by members of the National Association of Swedish Handicraft.

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Malmö Festival

Scandinavia's largest city festival got a new brand and tonality platform as well as a visual identity.

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Mobiento Mobile Agency

Total rebrand of visual identity and tonality of one of Scandinavia's leading mobile agencies.

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