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Mikaela Johansson!

mikaela copy

We proudly present the latest of SNASK interns: Mikaela Johansson! Being from the holy lands of Dalarna as well as attending the same school as Magnus and Freddie(Cumbria Institute of the Arts) she is now at Riddargatan 38. During her life she’s been running 5 marathons with excellent results(compared to Erik) as well as been working at Odd Molly. Except from winning marathons she also enjoy’s to play her SEGA Megadrive and making 1080′s in the big jumps on her Burton! Welcome to Snask!

Per Holmäng

We proudly present some more new blood here at the studio. This is Per Holmäng. He studied hard to become a priest and graduated with stars and certifications. After a bit of experimenting with filth, tobacco and mixes he found God sitting right beside him by a fire disguised as a man with lightning pants. Ever since then he’s been a part of our studio and an excellent back-end developer. Welcome Per!


Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 18.35.56

For more than a month ago we got another heir to a german lord, Luca Wittmann! He is the first descendent of the infamous german mountain climber who defeated the alps and fell down into the italian valleys in the north south. During his time here as an intern he has been making magical productions. One can be seen here: (Luca is the guy in with black shirt, purty lips, marked eybrows standing under a flower tree)


Recently we got new blood to Snask. His name is Oskar Wimmermann and is the official heir of a german lord of Tengil Rock. He has mad skills in design and with his blend of beers and skiing he will rock our boat as our latest intern. Please give a round of applause for OSKAR! Welcome to SNASK! (Oskar is the guy in the middle promoting ”varannan vatten”)

Ekbladh de Visscher

Sometimes time goes by so fast that we forget to mention new blood! Here are two parts of Snask that makes our everyday greater and greater. First time we met them they gave us a Matt Damon memory game and we played it for hours. It’s probably the hardest memory game we’ve ever played!  Anton is a sucker for charter travels to Mallis and is heavily into spirits and the life force Qi. Magnus is a guitarist in a band called The Mopeds and likes to write poetic limericks about Fixed gear bikes, sour dough pizza and creative moustaches.




Yes!!! We finally got it going. We have talked about it for years. We have done very little for so long. Until one night at 04.30 at an afterparty at Freddie´s house when the singer in a band sold his band for 2500 dollars. The morning after he took it back. Today we release our first band which is the same. WE PROUDLY PRESENT:


Listen to the first EP Parisian Floor here:



So it’s finally here. Our very own pizza. We are currently rebranding an italian restaurant and part of our quote was that they had to serve a pizza named SNASK. Said and done. We made up 6 different pizza’s and sent the recipe’s to the restaurant. 5 hours later we were invited to go there and test which one was the best. The chef was all but happy to get orders by us but we pretended it was raining. After having tested 5 fairly normal pizza’s with the ordinary ricotta cheese, figs, lemon peel and pumpkins we finally went into the last one. The ”one” that has become a legend in less than 3 days. The former ”Jewel of Africa”, the now named SNASK Pizza!

First the dough is made in the wooden fire owen. After that a nice layer of nutella chocolate is smeared on to be topped by fresh strawberries and shredded white chocolate and almonds. We thought it would taste shit. It was the opposite.

SOOO! If you ever find yourself wanting a dessert pizza just ask us and we’ll tell you the name of this god like place where they now serve it!

Greta Madline

Just ego-googled SNASK. Yes we do that. We’re only human! There’s nothing better than to eat chocolate muffins with a cold glass of milk and google SNASK. Here’s something we found yesterday! Incredible that we haven’t seen it before! Made by Greta Madline! Greta! You should have told us damnit! It’s great!

Svenskt Näringsliv

Check out our new film that shows the economic cycle of Sweden!