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Publishing houses, magazines and press all seem to love something about Snask. Our spark is frequently published all across the globe and remember kids; read – don’t just look at the pretty pictures.

Interview by Slashmuse
Published: November 2013

Interview by Typorn
Published: July 2014

Interview by Adform
Written by: Ramune Rubinaite, Adform
Published: January 2014

Interview by Berlingske
Written by: Kim Flyvbjerg, Berlingske
Published: December 2013

Snask by YCN!
Written by: Sean McGeady, YCN
Published: Sept 2013

Snask at OFFF!
Written by: Julia Sagar, Computer Arts
Published: May 2012, blog

Studio visit: Snask
Written by: 40fakes
Published: January 2012, section “Studio visit”

Studio profile: Snask
Written by: Nick Carson, Computer Arts
Published: June 2011, issue #188

Branding interview with Snask
Written by: Troy Hall, NY Times & Artfulclub
Published: August 2014

Sweden´s most creative agencies
Written by: Dan Jörgenson
Published: Sometime in 2012

Opinions – Stop being so boring!
Written by: Freddie Öst, SNASK
Published: February 2012, issue #197

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