How it started

The fairy tale Snask starts back in 2007 in a crappy town called Carlisle in the north of England. Dressed up as santa and gingerbread man a couple of Swedish students meet at a Christmas show set up by their art school.

Bored to their teeth studying in Carlisle amongst chavs, they agreed on changing the world, burning the boring and instead celebrating fun, eye-catching and bold design. Tony Peart, head of illustration at University of Cumbria, says this about his former students: ”Freddie is the most dapper, sartorially elegant student I ever taught. Magnus isn’t… Freddie and Magnus couldn’t be boring (even if you paid them). Snask was created as a vehicle to allow them to have fun once they’d graduated. Happily, this is exactly what they’ve gone on to do, producing work that always makes me smile.”

During 2007-2009, Snask shapes what to become a Design and Branding Agency. Inspired by August Strindbergs quote: ”by trying the impossible one should reach the highest grade of the possible”, they set their goal higher and higher (thanks Jackie Wilson). Crafting most of their design by hand, blogs and magasines quickly start to write about them. After a couple of stop motions together with some of Stockholm’s finest film makers, Snask expands their services and establishes Snask Film. Up until today, one of the world’s greatest film studios.

Today, Snask works with some of the biggest and most respected clients in Sweden. Snask’s book shelves are filled with books and magasines featuring the agency. They have lectured at the most respected design festivals around the globe and are releasing a book on the subject ”Creative Entrepreneurship”. What’s next? Snask Restaurant? Snask TV? Snask Legal? No one knows. Not even themselves.

/ George Michael, Recruitment Officer since 1983