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Design, Brand & Film agency that
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We believe in standing out and have opinions to stand up for. To be a part of the present time and have the gaze nailed to tomorrow. We believe in telling stories and to really dare to be personal. To constantly question and challenge social conventions and to never be afraid of making enemies. Why? Because with obvious enemies a brand becomes clear and distinguishable, and will have millions of fans and followers. Finally we believe that the only right way is your own, walk with us. Snask Off!

01) Brand strategy! Why your brand matters
02) Brand identity! How to look like a million dollars
03) Brand story! What, where and when to tell the story

In 2013 we took the world, this year we take Berlin.

In 2012 Snask celebrated 5 years in business. We put together Top of Snask pops 2007-2012. Important milestones from our first five years in business. We encouraged you to join our ride. It’s pink, shines of gold and is speeding in 300 km/h. This is an old post.

01) 2011, Snask establishes Snask Film. They have so far won Nikon Film Festival and created film, tv and stop motion for Svenskt Näringsliv, Almega, H&M, Folkoperan, Sony and Loreal. Next stop – space ships!

02) 2008, Snask signs a public contract for the city of Stockholm, making us supplier of branding, communication and design for city of Stockholm’s culture department.

03) 2012, Snask joins CCCP+B (Europe)ForsmanBodenmalmKling, Nomeister in the book Creative Swedish Agencies 2012. We’re obviously playing in the same league.

04) 2011, Messi, Xavi and Pedro invite SNASK to lecture in Barcelona at OFFF 2012 – Let´s feed the future. For full tour schedule see, Snask tour schedule 2012.

05) 2012. BIS Publisher signs Snask to release their first book of many on creative entreprenurship, pink lies, taking risks and reaching success. In store fall 2012!