The celebration of Jens

This is Jens. Jens loves his polka dotted shirts. It’s his signum like a cape of a super hero. Together with his lovely smile it becomes a windchanger and eyecatcher of enormous proportions.

When in Breda Magdalena saw a girl in the same shirt as Jens. Jens had gone home earlier to groom and put perfume on his chest. To celebrate him we decided to make a human pyramide with her on the top. Her friend then put it on instagram and tagged Jens. It became a huge success on instagram with likes booming and crashing the apps all around the globe.

As if this wasn’t enough we found yet another girl in his shirt. We had to repeat the procedure. The guys happy face in the background is unbeatable. It was in a posh bar so people wondered what the hell we were doing. Since Jens was back from his grooming he could now be a part of his own celebration. Hail Jens ”Dancemaid” Nilsson!!!

Breda Holland here we come to sing and dance!

Yes! In the south of Holland lies the beautiful(well, at least we’ll know for sure in a bit) city of Breda. Something great is that we are bringing a whole lump of Snask down in mid Europe. Faces will be seen of people such as Erik ”Bunnyman” Kockum, Jens ”Dancemaid” Nilsson, Magdalena ”Chiuaua” Czarnecki and last but not least the mighty Richard ”Little filthy richie” Gray. There’s definitely a twist of doubt when it comes to entertainment in Breda but from what we’ve heard it will actually be kind of crazy. Not crazy as in the darker, lower parts of Berghein but rather dancy. If you are attending the festival don’t forget to attend our lecture on Friday. We will be the filmscene in Casablanca when Humphrey says ”I wouldn’t bring up Paris if I were you, it’s poor salesmanship.”. See you soon!


We are looking for people who want to sit with us in our amazing studio at Riddargatan 38. Yes, it is central. No, it is NOT Sofo so you do not have to climb over 17 Fixies to enter the premises.

We have over 5 years gathered a great bunch of people who are all incredibly brilliant and shamefully sweet. It had obviously been fucked up if we gathered unpleasant and ignorant people. The situation now is that we doubled the size of our studio and therefore must collect even more people who want to live in opulence in a shameless way and that is fighters for extremely high ambition and quality.

UPPER FLOOR 150 square
Was a charming cinema in the 30′s that showed b&w dramas for soft Östermalm inhabitants. In recent years the place was a showroom for luxury kitchen brand Clive Christian. Now, as the icing on the cake, SNASK has taken over. Upstairs is the workplace and lounge with 12 fixed seats and 3 shared. At the head is a great oval room with skylights and a giant mirror.

LOWER FLOOR 150 square
Once upon a time an old wine cellar. Whether the cinema was doing shady transactions and liquor smuggling is highly uncertain. The venue was for many years ago converted into a photo studio where four photographers lived before we took over. Lower level is used as photo-/film studio and has its own kitchen, toilet etc.. There is also a gradingroom for film. There is also a large conference room with TV and ample storage space.

+ Fibre Broadband
+ Office Space (solid or split) with filthy stylish chair
+ Cleaning
+ Printer
+ Everything else

Fixed location: * 4000 SEK
Shared space: * 2 500 SEK

* Not the cheapest but at our place you’ll find the best and the best of fun!