We seldom write about other stuff here than ourselves. Our über narcissism drives us to only write about stuff that goes on in our closest surrounding. But this project is too good to ignore. Its called Platform79 and is an art platform/exhibition that promote up and coming artists in Berlin. The whole space is an old womens prison which also becomes the theme of the exhibition with amazing installations all giving a feel of reflex to escape.

So if you find yourself in Berlin, GO!



Yepp! Our book ”MAKE ENEMIES & GAIN FANS – How to become a successful creative entrepreneur the Snask way” has finally arrived in our hands in form of a pre run example. Get it in book stores around the globe as well as online in late Sept and learn how to pee on yourself and become filthy rich!

Magdalena Tjaneski!!!

We are proud to announce Snask’s newest signing, Magdalena Czarnecki! Magdalena is a super star designer and we have been head hunting her for quite some time now. She already thinks it smells bad in the studio and have problems trusting Magnus. On the question ”Who is the nicest guy at Snask?” posed by an external provoker(and joker) she answered Magnus. HOWEVER she quickly changed her mind since she thinks that Magnus just seems nice but really isn’t. Magnus got upset. Anyway! Here’s to a great era with Magdalena!