Gossip. Filth. Fantasy.

Welcome to a fabulous friday afternoon with Snask and Fantasy Interactive!

Friday June 1st at Stureplan 2, 5th Floor
Gossip. Filth. Fantasy
A night with lectures by Snask & Fantasy Interactive.
7pm-8pm: Fantasy Interactive
8pm-9pm: Snask
There will be super chilled beers, great wine and soda accompanied by snacks.
RVSP to Ecaterina before 14:00 on Thursday!

Malmö Festival 2012 – Image Poster done!

Yes, it is finally done and here it is. The poster features the extraordinary Maria Libert casually posing. Also big thanks to Riccardo, our italian miracle intern who together with Maria and Richard made lots of the objects become wooly and soft! See you in Malmö the 17th–24th. We will be at the front line of the Hives concert!

What can you learn from a lecture with Snask?

We just found this great note from John Somers who attended the lecture. It’s always very interesting to see what people learn or take with them from a speech. Question is what can you actually learn? Well, nothing that you can’t learn by yourself. However to hear it from a guy in a moustache who gets mixed up with the dreadful Steve Aoki and a guy with huge lambchops wearing a shirt it says ”Crayon” on is a treat. Listen carefully and stay sharp!

Oh, and John, keep doing that!

OFFF! Barcelona SNASK Afterparty Can Paxiano

We just finished our lecture at OFFF!. It went great and Magnus managed to not have an ”accident” on stage. Thanks to everyone who came and thanks and sorry to all who didn’t get in. Tonight we will party and not at the hotel Mi like we said cause it’s apparently tomorrow friday. So tonight we’ll meet up at the great cavabar Can Paxiano on Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7. 1 cava for 1 Euro. SEE YOU THERE!

Spankin’ new pink & gold business cards!

So we have new business cards. That’s all!

Barcelona, los pantalones se quemará

Yes, on Tuesday SNASK is doing Barcelona. We won’t say it will be unsafe, that would not only be a lie but also sound very camp. We will go to the extremes and say that if you bump into us and say ”Six salmons in a box of salmons” in swedish we promise we will buy you champagne and give you a hug. See you at OFFFF!

Hello Thom Yorke!

This is the best student project we’ve seen in a very long time. Conceptual, beautiful and smashing. See it, spread it and make it happen! All cred to Magdalena Piehl! http://hellothomyorke.com/